About Us

How We Started

Ice Rolls in Westfield Valley fair mall is first establishment serving Thai Inspired Ice cream rolls. 

What started as a multi sensorial affair with Thai Inspired Ice cream rolls continues as Ice rolls in Westfield Valley fair mall.  Inspired by the indulgent concept that started on the streets of Thailand, we bring you fresh and made to order rolled ice cream, here in your  bay area @ westfield valley fair mall in santa clara and oakridge mall  in san jose.

This is the best rolled ice cream shop and also has frozen yogurt rolled ice cream in cup or cones ,Made from our highest quality ingredients- unlimited toppings and sprinkled with love.

Like Bartender artfully craft your cocktails , A grill master make your steak ready WE MAKE YOUR ICEROLLS.

With each cup of your customized ICE ROLLS we give all UNLIMITED TOPPINGS for FREE.

Everyone one can add all types of toppings from our candy bar so that you can make your 

ICE ROLLS totally a unique and a customized fun experienc


Icerolls ice cream has a uniquely smooth and fun texture.We will make the ice cream with your choice of fruits right in front of you within minutes , with this customization , every cup will be unique and perfectly matched with your likings, 

We will set the trend of ICE ROLLS with fresh fruits and your favorite candy bar enhances your experience and your ICEROLLS unique and giving you a texture you'll keep coming back for.

We have designed with our authentic ice cream chef 30 flavours for you.